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Access 303 Wide Seater

303 wide in MelbourneThe 303 Wide is ideal for those sailors who wish to take their sailing a stage further. This boat has a taller rig with the addition of a jib so there are two extra control lines to handle, but the heavier keel, same steering and similar hull design parameters to the smaller 2.3 ensures these boats are also extremely safe and easy to sail.

The Access 303 Wide will balance perfectly when sailed single-handed, yet also balance when sailed by two full sized adults. The end result is an inexpensive, very versatile, exciting, yet very relaxing and comfortable boat to sail.



for Rest of the World



303 m

10 ft


1.35 m

4 ft


1 m

3' 6"


62 kg (Keel is + 30 kg)

136 lbs (Keel is + 66 lbs)

Sail Plan

Mainsail & free standing, self tacking Jib

Mainsail & free standing, self tacking Jib

Sail Area

Total area - 5.8 sq m
Main-4.4sq m (Reefable to 0.5 )
Jib - 1.4 sq m (full roller reefing)

Total area - 62 sq ft
Main-51.5 sq ft (Reefable to 5.4)
Jib - 10.5 sq ft (full roller reefing)


Main - Unstayed 4.75 m
Jib - Unstayed 2.85 m

Main - Unstayed ?
Jib - Unstayed ?


Wide hammock seat

Wide hammock seat


Manual joystick

Manual joystick


160 kg (Combined weight of 1 or 2 sailors)

350 lbs (Combined weight of 1 or 2 sailors)

- Hull has positive buoyancy.

- Strong construction with solid bonded hull to deck joins.

- With the seat keeping the helms weight low plus weighted centreboard type keel, the boat is virtually uncapsizable.

- Mainsail and Jib are reefed and unreefed by single hauling lines.

- The boat, mast and booms fit neatly and easily onto standard car roof bars.

- No hiking out necessary.

- Available in 10 different colours with a coloured flash on the sail for easily distinguishable fleet sailing, which is very useful for safety monitoring and video/photo feedback.

- So simple and stable almost anyone can use these boats.

- Extremely comfortable, nimble and above all great fun.